Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Black Hat 2016 - Packet Filtering in the NIC

Solarflare wants to talk with you at Black Hat in Las Vegas next month, and we're raffling off a Wifi Pineapple to those who sign up for a meeting. What is a Wifi Pineapple you ask, perhaps one of the best tools available for diagnosing wireless security issues.

At Black Hat Solarflare will be talking about their new line of SFN8xxx series adapters that support five tuple packet filtering directly in hardware. The SFN8xxx series adapters support thousands of filters, and an additional one thousand counters that can be applied to track filter usage. Along with filtering we'll be discussing the tamper-proof nature of this new line of adapters, and it's capability to support over the wire firmware or filter-table updates via an SSL/TLS link directly to the controller on the adapter.

To learn more or setup a meeting for Wednesday August 3 or Thursday August 4th at Black Hat please send an email to scollins@solarflare.com, and you'll be automatically enrolled in our drawing for a Wifi Pineapple.

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